A Cherry Berry Bomb Mocktail

A Cherry Berry Bomb Mocktail

Posted by Kylie Suich

I like to have a Mocktail and a Cocktail option to match the Limited Edition curations I put together. 

This Mocktail recipe matches to the Cherry Berry Love Bomb box that featured the Birdsnake Cherry & Coconut dark chocolate limited edition block that realised for Valentines 2022.

I have tweaked a couple of standard recipes to bring together Cherries and Raspberries, as they are the feature flavours of the Cherry Berry Love Bomb curation.

Grenadine Syrup, is non alcoholic with a sweet tart flavour that is often used in Mocktails and Cocktails as it adds both flavour and colour. It is made from pomegranate juice and pairs well with any red fruit or berry. 

With this recipe, I have not added measures as it really depends on how sweet or tart you like your drinks. If you can't get a pre mixed Lemon Lime Soda, then use a quality real juice cordial added to soda water instead. 

The Maraschino Cherries are sweet, so add just one for decoration if you want to keep your drink on the sour to tart side; and adding fresh raspberries helps with a balance as well.    

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