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Birdsnake Chocolate

Posted by Kylie Suich

Birdsnake, is a newish bean to bar chocolate company established in 2018 based in Fairfield, Melbourne. The folk behind the scenes aren’t new to food though, they have fifteen years experience importing coffee beans and have an appreciation for flavour and quality.

They roast cacao seeds they have sourced directly from the growers in Latin America, then process them into chocolate in house as opposed to sourcing pre made cocoa liquor from overseas. This in house roasting and conching process means they have control over the flavour of their bars, while the 100% control over sourcing the cacao seeds (or beans) ensures they use a quality product with the farmer being paid the correct price.

We stock their entire range of dark chocolate, as it is the perfect way to introduce the amazing variety of taste and texture chocolate naturally has depending on the climate it is grown in, which differs just as how grapes from the same variety taste very different depending on where they are grown.  

If you’d like to support them like we do, find them in a number of our curated tasting boxes such as the ‘Anything Goes – Gluten Free’ box, the ‘Hands-OFF – its Mine!’ box (because we all really feel that way), the ‘Chocoholics Box’, the ‘Chocolate Taster Box’, or also our special ‘Wine + Chocolate Box’ which includes their Coconut Mylk.

[Their range is vegan friendly and most is also gluten free]

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