Coco Chocolate.  Made in Sydney Australia.  Ruby Pink Chocolate with Gin, available through The Dessert Plate

Coco Chocolate

Posted by Kylie Suich

Coco Chocolate, is a Sydney company with the talented Rebecca Knight as the Creative Director. Rebecca was born in Sydney, then went to Europe to train as a chocolatier where she spent time in France which influences her creative style now she is back home.

As with most artisan chocolatiers, they have an amazing range which includes their Secret Garden series, a wide range of flavoured bars and truffles.

Fortunately, at the Dessert Plate, we can ease the choice for you as we stock a curated selection of their smaller bars that have unusual flavours and which are great for spirit pairings; we also have some of their sugar free chocolate range.

And as you can see from the pic, their Ruby Pink Chocolate with Gin and their Dark Chocolate Gin & Tonic (not in the pic) blocks are perfect with Gin, so we add them into some of our curated Cocktail tasting boxes. 

You can find Coco Chocolate’s creations in our ‘Chocoholics Box’, or if you’re after something a bit fancier, we recommend our ‘Pink G&T Box’ which contains the Ruby Pink Gin (a special 100% Ruby Cacao chocolate with Pink Gin) or our ‘Wine + Chocolate Box’ which has their Marmalade Milk Chocolate.


[Part of their range is vegan friendly]

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