Cocoa Rhapsody white chocolate, made in Australia available through The Dessert Plate

Cocoa Rhapsody

Posted by Kylie Suich

Cocoa Rhapsody craft deluxe smooth chocolates using a variety of cacao beans that are conched in small batches. All their products are all Fair Trade ‘Hand in Hand’, meaning that at least 50% of the core ingredients originate from a fair-trade source, while their cocoa beans are organically grown and cultivated in the natural rainforest environment in the Dominican Republic.

Floyd is the chocolatier and along with his wife Patricia, they have extensively grown their chocolate range since opening in 2004.  Floyd still loves the texture, the taste & how chocolate combines with flavours. 

Their range comes in various sizes, including a petite 25gm block which is perfect for our Chocolate Tasting Boxes.  While their  55% Dark Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate Spiced Ginger pair beautifully with The Chai Room blends so you will find something from Cocoa Rhapsody in our ‘A Chai Brew Up with Chocs’ Box or ‘Adventurous Chai & Chocolate Box’. However, if you’re more of a Nutty person, try their Nut Cove chocolate with caramelised Almonds in ‘The Spring Nutty Squirrel’ Box

 [Their range includes vegan friendly & vegan chocolates, most is gluten free]

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