Crackle Popcorn made in Australia and available through The Dessert Plate.  All flavours are gluten free and they have a gf vegan flavour as well.


Posted by Kylie Suich

Crackle is another Melbourne based artisan business, with Katherine at the helm making a modern caramel popcorn in small batches with all natural ingredients.

It's a premium popcorn that is perfectly popped and flavoured, with a great combination of salt and sweet that hits your tastebuds. 

With a deep care and passion to have ‘everyone who eats its to fall in love’, Crackle focuses on ensuring that every batch is made with ‘care and passion’; meaning that when you buy a bag of Caramel Popcorn from them, its not only the best you’ve ever tasted but also a bag full of ‘love and passion’ as well.

Their Australian-made products are made from all natural ingredients, and we’re absolutely delighted to share them with you such as their Gingerbread Caramel & also their Vegan caramel popcorn as it’s the best we’ve had. Depending on the season we also stock some of their other flavours. 

You might just be able to find them in our ‘Hands Off – Its Mine!’ Box (which we truly mean in this case), or if you need a Gluten Free or Vegan-Friendly option, you can find them in our ‘Anything Goes’ boxes.

[Their range is all gluten free & they have one gf & vegan option]

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