Dark City Foundry Coffee. Perfect paired with Chocolate by The Dessert Plate at our tasting events.

Dark City Foundry Coffee

Posted by Kylie Suich

Dark City Foundry Coffee provides an energy boost of a different kind. Specialising in cold drip coffee in Melbourne, they produce delicious, smooth, and mouth-watering coffee with zero bitterness.  This coffee is a perfect pairing to our carefully curated Chocolate Mocktail tasting events. 

Anita Brodian is the ‘Chief Caffeine Architect’ and founded the business in 2018. With a small team, they aim to be friendly and approachable with their expansive knowledge on their process and products, as well as progressive and versatile in their thinking.

Their Cold Drip coffee is made from carefully selected beans and roast that delivers a wonderful mix of caramel, dark chocolate and almonds in its flavour profile.  

If, like Anita, caffeine is also one of your addictions, then our ‘A Chocolate Coffee Rumba’ box is our suggestion. Inspired by International Coffee Day, this is a limited-edition tasting box, that features a block of white chocolate, dark chocolate and chocolate coated coffee beans

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