Does a Mojito a day, keep the Doctor away?

Does a Mojito a day, keep the Doctor away?

Posted by Kylie Suich

I have no idea, but the title rhymed!

The Mojito comes from Cuba and is a traditional highball drink (relates to the glass it is served in). This cocktail usually has: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint.

The flavour of a Mojito is this amazing combination of sweetness, citrus and mint flavors that complements the white rum & it's freshness has made it a very popular cocktail to enjoy in summer.  

Mix up and pour over rocks (ice) in a tall glass and decorate with fresh mint & lime, it truly looks like a cool hit to the senses & then it does cool you down. 

What chocolate to pair with this, you ask me.  Try for a contrast a dark salted chocolate with lime, Cocoa Rhapsody who I work with have the perfect bar for this cocktail. I would not recommend peppermint as that is usually very strong in chocolate and will dominate, however Coco Chocolate who I also work with have a white chocolate with strawberries and a touch of mint that I think would work - you would get a creamy mouthfeel from it and that would contrast with the crispness of the drink. 

Need treats to go with this?  Get yourself an Anything Goes box & tell me in the comments you are pairing to a Mojito and I will curate it to suit you. 


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