FAQ 10: What is a 'microbatch'?

FAQ 10: What is a 'microbatch'?

Posted by Kylie Suich

Microbatch is a term that has been used in brewing beer for a while now, representing literally very small batch runs of a beer.

They are a chance for the brewer to try something new. often using slightly different ingredients than usual and then test it with consumers.

Microbatch and Limited Edition mean the same in chocolate land.  Though Limited Edition tends to be more bars being made, or a seasonal release using fresh ingredients that might appear again when that season returns.  

These type of bars are a great way for a chocolatier to experiment and explore their whim for using unusual ingredients or uncommon flavour pairings.  They are also a chance to showcase their skill, as when making a small batch you need it to work first time so that it can sell out rather than be thrown out!

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you will know I love experimental flavours.  There is a place for those we remember from childhood like white strawberry chocolate, dark orange chocolate, peppermint or oozy caramel centres.  To me as an adult, I like when the modern experiments present a twist on a classic.

For example the Monsieur Truffe Limited Edition Bean to Bar ' Brunswick Bitter'.  A vegan, organic & gluten free 36% white chocolate with native citrus.  Billed as deliciously bittersweet, bright and flavourful on it's wrap - it also has a pale green hue, which is very uncommon in chocolate.  It's the choc in my feature pic above, with lemon balm, finger lime, dessert lime, wakame (a seaweed) and lemon myrtle, this is a step up from a traditional orange citrus flavoured chocolate.

Samanta Baker, the Head Chocolatier at Monsieur Truffe has an exceptional palate and is very innovative which is showcased in their never ending range of microbatch and Limited Edition bars they release.  Heaven to an adventurous chocoholic like myself who lives to try different flavours. 

Their 'Raven' release (in the pic below) for World Chocolate Day in 2021 is another example.  It's a 65% stone ground dark chocolate with black sesame, sweet red miso, caramel shards, seaweed and Tasman sea salt.  It has an amazing creamy texture with shards of caramel giving an abstract crunch, which matches to the surprise your tastebuds get with a perfectly balanced flavour that is a touch nutty from the sesame.  

The Raven from the Monsieur Truffe, available from The Dessert Plate

Another example of a fantastic Limited Edition offering, is the 'Ooh Yep' bar released by Birdsnake Chocolate this Summer (in the pic below).  Featuring fresh cherries and coconut, it was a Cherry Ripe for adults who love a rich full flavour.  Because of the cherries, the texture was soft and moist with the perfect balance of coconut to reflect the taste of summer at the beach. 


Ooh Yep Birdsnake Chocolate Bar, available from The Dessert Plate

If you fancy something different to try, order yourself a Hands Off. It's Mine! Chocolate Tasting Box. 

Then leave me a comment at the check out letting me know you are adventurous with flavours like myself, or that you prefer more traditional flavours with just a little bit of a modern twist. I'll curate your order to suit, Kylie

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