FAQ 12: Can you make an Iced Chai Tea?

FAQ 12: Can you make an Iced Chai Tea?

Posted by Kylie Suich

Yes you can.  However, it does depend on the blend.
Luckily Fatema from The Chai Room who I work with has a great range and during Summer I pair lighter fruity flavours with the Chai blends that go into a curated box. Think vegan white chocolates (yes they exist) or milk chocolates with simple spices.
Chai Blends that work well iced have a citrus note: lemon, orange or lime; or summer fruits: strawberry, cherry, blueberries.  So take a look at the ingredients of blends you have and pick one within this flavour range and try to avoid ones that have lots of spices and anything with chilli.  If you like something zingy, then a more simple blend that has ginger can also be quite refreshing when served as iced tea. 
How to pair with chocolate, pick a summer weight chocolate that has a similar flavour note as the Chai blend.  I suggest trying complementary pairings first, before a contrasting pairing.  Still not sure how to match flavours - think about what you like on a fruit, nut & cheese platter and how you put flavours together that way and use those pairings for inspiration. 
If you fancy some Chai & Chocolate, you know what to do. Shop online via the Mocktail Boxes collection - at the moment I am packing Chai blends that are great served iced with Summer weight chocolates.

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