FAQ 22: Is there sugar free Chocolate?

FAQ 22: Is there sugar free Chocolate?

Posted by Kylie Suich

Yes there is and it doesn't taste terrible.  But keep reading to beware of chocolate that says 'no sugar' as I explain later in this blog. 

Quite a few artisan chocolatiers in Australia make a sugar free chocolate, which is usually high in cacao solids and flavoured with nuts and salt so it is not too bitter.

You are looking for artisan chocolates for sugar free options, as they don't have the highly processed white sugar you get in mass manufactured chocolate.  Most artisan chocolate has organic cane sugar or even coconut sugar, some use rice syrup instead of honey for vegan products, or will use vanilla which is another natural sweetener.  

For example Birdsnake Chocolate use organic cane sugar with their dark chocs ranging from 16gm to 20 gm to 30gm of sugar in a 100gram block, depending on which you are enjoying.

But beware, there are some chocolates available that say 'no sugar' or 'zero sugar' on the front of the wrap, but then you flip to read the Nutritional Informational Panel (NIP) and you get a different story.

If you see a chocolate with a very low sugar rating like 2.4gm in a 100gm block - check the carbohydrates and protein level as well, ideally you don't want carbohydrates to be higher than 30-35gm in a 100gm block. 

If you are eating a chocolate with carbohydrates of 49.5gm and sugars of 2.5gm, then overall the sugars are half of that 100gm block.  The metabolism process of your body (when it converts what you eat and drink into energy), will convert that 49.5gms of carbohydrates into sugar and then to energy in your body - that you may or may not expend.  

And stay away from 'compound chocolate' as it is not real - usually made with lots of sugar, vegetable fat and only a small amount of cocoa butter.  

In artisan chocolates, carbohydrates usually come from the added nuts, so they will 'naturally' be higher in total sugars. You get protein with nuts though which is a good thing, so like with all foods read all aspects of the NIP if you are looking for a healthier treat to eat and consider what else you are eating that day.  

If you are looking for treats with less sugar, order the Hands Off. It's Mine Chocolate Box and leave a comment at the checkout for me so I can curate the box to suit you. 

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