FAQ 22: Is vegan chocolate dairy free?

FAQ 22: Is vegan chocolate dairy free?

Posted by Kylie Suich

Yes vegan chocolate is dairy free. 

Did you know, all chocolate starts out as vegan. It is not until the chocolatier starts creating their products, that animal products may be added. 

Sometimes you see the phrase vegan friendly, which means the ingredients are vegan however it has been made in a kitchen that also uses animal products. 

Depending on how strictly you are looking for vegan products, this might not bother you.  Many people with a dairy allergy will buy vegan or vegan friendly, as it means they know the product will be OK for them to eat and they won't get sick. 

Vegan means no animal products at all.  If you are looking at a chocolate or dessert and it is not clearly labelled as being vegan or vegan friendly on the front of the pack, check the ingredients listing on the back of the packaging for likely suspects: cows, goat or sheep milk which includes cream or butter.  Honey is not permitted, as it is a product of bees. While gelatin which is used to 'set' jellies and many desserts is made from cows or pigs and sometimes fish bones, so be careful to avoid it. 

I'm allergic to cow's milk, so shop vegan chocolates by choice as then I don't have to worry about being sick.  And to make it easier for my customers to shop this way, I set up a dedicated page:  https://thedessertplate.com.au/collections/vegan-friendly-boxes 

The great thing about the amazing artisan chocolatiers I work with, is that most have a vegan or vegan friendly option that is full of flavour.  The days of boring 'dark chocolate' being the only option are long gone and it was easy for me to have a great range of tasting boxes on a dedicated page. 

Nearly the entire range of Birdsnake is vegan - it's their choc in the pic; Monsieur Truffe have an extensive vegan range; and Meltdown Artisan also has vegan friendly options. 

While Two Little Tarts makes a 'nude' honeycomb, made the exact same way but without honey. The colour is not as golden, but the texture of the comb and the deluxe chocolate coating is incredible and worth tasting (again and again).

I always have an extensive range of vegan, vegan friendly and also gluten free vegan chocolate on hand to select from when curating a tasting box. 

If you think a balanced diet is a vegan chocolate in each hand, then shop to your tastebud's delight here.    Use the ‘gift’ option at the checkout to provide details of what you can or can’t have and I'll curate your order to suit.  

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