FAQ 29: Is there caffeine in chocolate?

FAQ 29: Is there caffeine in chocolate?

Posted by Kylie Suich

Yes there is. Though only a very small amount especially when compared to drinking a cup of coffee or an energy drink.

Caffeine is a stimulant naturally found in the fruits and leaves of some plants, including all Coffee varieties, the Guarana plant, black & green Tea varieties  and also the Cacao plant. It also gets added into soft drinks (usually cola flavoured), energy drinks, some cough syrups and slimming products. 

As a stimulant it increases activity in your brain and nervous system. A small amount can make you feel refreshed and focused. However larger amounts can make you feel anxious and cause sleeping difficulties - which is why many people don't drink coffee after dinner / late in the evening.  Everybody reacts to caffeine differently, depending on how your body absorbs it, your body mass, health and metabolism - and also how much caffeine you regularly consume. 

Coffee is a common flavour of artisan chocolate, it also pairs really well in chocolate with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom or nuts.  It is so common you may have forgotten how often you enjoy the two - chocolate powder dusted onto your daily coffee; snacking on chocolate coated coffee beans while at the flicks; or a Mocca bun for afternoon tea!

The amount of caffeine in chocolate products varies, but the more cacao solids it contains, the higher the caffeine content.  One ounce - 28.35 grams of pure chocolate contains approx 12 miligrams of caffeine. The higher the cacao solids, the higher the amount of caffeine.   

An approximate guide is:

  • 80-90mg of caffeine per 100gram block of dark chocolate
  • 150-240mg of caffeine in 250ml of percolated coffee
  • an expresso or latte has less with 105-110mg per 250ml
  • black tea has 47mg, more if a strong brew
  • green tea has 29mg, once again more if a strong brew
  • cola soft drinks average 33mgs per can

Psst one gram = one ml, if you are comparing how much caffeine you are consuming between coffee, tea and /or chocolate.

Why are these amounts approx - because depending on how the coffee beans are roasted and your actual drink is prepared will make a big difference to how much caffeine is within your drink, with decaffeinated coffee prepared to be just that. If you would like some caffeine health facts there is a detailed Fact Sheet on the Victorian Government Better Health Channel website. 

To spoil yourself with some chocolatey coffee treats now, shop the Hands Off. It's Mine chocolate box and leave me a message at the checkout so I can pack your order to suit you. Kylie  

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