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Do you love figs? They are such an amazing fruit fresh and they are great for a really wide variety of desserts.

Native to the middle east, Figs are grown around the world - in season in Australia from summer to mid autumn. Depending on where you live, you will find local varieties or something shipping from around Australia at your local grocer.

When selecting figs - choose clean, dry fruit with unblemished skin and have a little ‘give’ if you give them a gentle squeeze if you are eating them fresh. You will often see boxes of figs that are discounted due to blemished skin - grab these for making jam, chutney or sauces. Store in the fridge when ripe, but eat at room temperature to enjoy their full flavour.

Simple ways to enjoy figs:

  • Grill halved figs with honey and serve with mascarpone, fresh ricotta or a vegan cream or icecream

  • Add sliced figs to a salad of rocket, walnuts and blue cheese

  • Wrap halved figs with thinly sliced prosciutto and drizzle with caramelised balsamic vinegar

  • Include freshly quartered figs as part of a cheese platter.

Figs - and chocolate, what more do you need to know before checking this recipe link out? Try dipping some fresh figs in a rich dark chocolate for a very simple classic dessert.

Or got some spare Ruby Port Wine? (or any other equivalent type of plonk) Maybe some drunken figs could be a feature dessert at your place soon.   Or try some Sticky Cinnamon Figs…..yum… 

For those with time and inclination to make fig jam first, then want to make something very delicious try this recipe for Fig Jam and Ricotta Torta. 

We have potentially saved the best till last - a recipe you can try for a Chocolate Cheesecake Fig Tart. The professional pic that accompanies this recipe will have you drooling.  Enjoy


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