Ginger Spiced Chocolate Pears

Ginger Spiced Chocolate Pears

Posted by Kylie Suich

As part of my love of crunchy green pears, I came up with a super easy way to add in Ginger and Chocolate to spice up a fruit, nut & cheese platter this Winter.

Introducing..... fresh pears, dipped into dark Ginger Spiced chocolate from Cocoa Rhapsody for something a bit different ... and that is super easy to make. 

It will take you about ten minutes - and that can include enjoying your dessert!


  • Fresh Green Pears, one per person 
  • 100 grams Dark chocolate, if possible with fresh Ginger as a key flavour
  • Quality Ginger Beer, whichever you prefer

    Directions to prep your Pears:

    • I've used fresh Green Pears, that are still firm but just slightly soft sliced that I cut lengthways so you get the shape of the Pear still when plating up
    • Dip them in a shallow bath of Ginger Beer - I use Bundaberg as it's a favourite of mine, but you can use whichever you prefer
    • The Ginger Beer stops the pears from going brown, so they look fresh still when on your fruit, nut & cheese platter. It also gives them a flavour matched to the chocolate
    • If you like a strong ginger kick, simmer very firm pears for about 5 minutes in Ginger Beer so they absorb more flavour. Then cool them down ready for the next step. 

    Directions to prep your Chocolate sauce:

    • Break up the chocolate into pieces and melt in your microwave for 1 minute.  Using a china bowl that can absorb heat, mixing the pieces of chocolate after the first minute to check they are starting to melt
    • Then back into the microwave for another 30 seconds; take out and stir; then another 15 to 30 seconds
    • Do not wait until the chocolate looks totally melted by the microwave process. Instead use the heat within the chocolate to stir it around and finishing melting in your bowl
    • If your chocolate is mixing really well after the first 90 seconds, then don't microwave again. Or you will over heat the chocolate and it will 'seize' making it crumbly and you will have to start again
    • Check out my pics to see what I mean - yes that is a fork in a microwave, along to help explain the process!
    • Psst: don't have a microwave, use a good quality heavy pan with a non stick surface that you trust to conduct heat evenly. Slowly melt half the chocolate on very low heat, adding a few more pieces as you go & as above use the heat within the chocolate to finish the melting process. 

    Bringing it all together:

    • Pat dry your pear slices and dip into the chocolate sauce 
    • Dip a little or a lot, depends on how much you love chocolate
    • Present on a platter to eat straight away if possible.  Or store in an airtight container in the fridge until dessert time
    • This dessert is very easy to make on the day of eating, it does not keep well if made a day in advance the Pear will go brown despite the Ginger Beer.

    Green Pears dipped in melted chocolate, recipe by The Dessert Plate

    My taste tips:

    I've used the Cocoa Rhapsody Dark Ginger Spiced Chocolate as it has a great flavour mix and makes this dessert even easier to make. Also the small pieces of ginger change the texture a little bit of the sauce, which contrasts with the pear.

    You could use a quality dark chocolate with a touch of ginger spice instead & maybe just a few chopped nuts to give a little bit of texture.

    Psst... because I have used a chocolate with 'inclusions' I don't have a smooth even glossy look to the finished dessert. This is OK, it tasted amazing!

    Need some Ginger Spiced Chocolate, then order a Chocoholics Box and tell us you want some for this recipe.  We shall pack your order to suit.   

    Enjoy, Kylie

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