Raspberry Coconut Cherry vegan chocolate from Meltdown Artisan made in Australia. Available through The Dessert Plate

Meltdown Artisan

Posted by Kylie Suich

Meltdown Artisan, is based in Sydney, with Jenifer Lo at the helm making an amazing range of chocolate that is a long way from the traditional European bar.

We love her flavour combos that pop with freshness in your mouth, such as the Saffron Barberry; Hazelnut Mandarin Nutmeg; Chilli Pineapple; and Passionfruit Mango Sesame. 

Jen's vegan fruit range uses the Varhrohna pure White Chocolate and 65% freeze dried fruit to make up each block, so they are packed with flavour and are like eating a chocolate sorbets.  The flavour combos are unusual like Yuzu Lychee; and Almond Strawberry; and modern classics like the Passionfruit Pineapple block.  

In this pic is the amazing vegan Raspberry Coconut Cherry block with the signature Meltdown Artisan logo, with to the left in front is the Peach Melba block from Monsieur Truffe and the Sour Cherry with Coconut block from Audley & Hall.  

[We stock a mix of their range which includes some of their vegan friendly range]

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