Monsieur Truffe Very Berry Cosmo dark chocolate with native berries soaked in Bass & Flinders Cerise Gin and decorated with rose petals, made in Australia. Only available through The Dessert Plate

Monsieur Truffe

Posted by Kylie Suich

Monsieur Truffe is located in Brunswick, Melbourne.   

They opened in 2006 featuring truffles and a simple selection of bars, then started producing bean to bar chocolate. Their customers loved it and things took off, so they now have a fantastic range of regular flavours as well as limited editions blocks.

Using organic ingredients, traditional practices blend with modern flavours and the uniqueness of their range is showcased by great label artwork & their hand wrapped finish.

Their aim is to create a premium yet simple range with the best possible ingredients, while making their own packaging reinforces their emphasis on being hand-made wherever they can.

They ever changing Limited Edition barfs follow the seasons and the whims of Samanta Baker, their Head Chocolatier.  We grab these before they sell out and use them for our tasting events to ensure there is always something unique included. 

[Their range is entirely organic and includes vegan friendly and gluten free]

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