My tips to Storing Chocolate

My tips to Storing Chocolate

Posted by Kylie Suich

Chocolate does not like humidity or moisture, both will cause it to ‘bloom’.

This means your chocolate will have a white powderish looking coating and a crumbly texture when eaten, if you were silly enough to do that!

So do take a bit of care to look after your chocolate stash. 

Keep it cool and dry between 15 to 20 degrees  – not in the fridge.   The best place is at the back of your pantry, within an insulated cooler as needed depending on the summer temperatures where you live.

Remember in Winter, when you heat your entire house, to check how warm it gets in your pantry or as I know it, chocolate cupboard!.   That's when an insulated cooler works well all year round, as it helps keep your chocolate at a more consistent temperature range.   

If you live somewhere tropical, then you need to adjust to suit.  If you do keep chocolate in the fridge, then make sue it is well sealed (double wrapped and airtight container) as moisture that is within a fridge's interior will ruin it. 

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