Salt from Seaweed in Chocolate is healthy!

Salt from Seaweed in Chocolate is healthy!

Posted by Kylie Suich

Yes - salty chocolate can be healthy.  Especially if it is seaweed in Chocolate.

Afraid to merge your 'fish n chips' with chocolate, don't panic. It's fab, as it adds a healthy salty kick in a different way.

Most Chocolate has a touch of salt, as it helps to enhance flavour and is a natural preservative. Those avoiding artificial preservatives are more likely to use just a little in each batch.  In the past couple of years, I have seen a trend to add salt by adding seaweed as it also adds a unique flavour to the chocolate.

This fabulous Raspberry with Rainbow Seaweed dark chocolate from alg Seaweed tends towards the flavoursome sour side instead of the over sweet side which can be sickly in large quantities.

The Seaweed Rainbow sprinkles on top add colour to the block & a bit of texture when eating it, a bit like you get the seeds of the fresh raspberry in your mouth as you eat them.  This delicious chocolate, often gets added into the Hands Off - It's Mine Dark Chocolate box.


Another chocolate with Seaweed we loved, was the Monsieur Truffe Bean to Bar Microbatch 'The Raven' that they realised for World Chocolate Day last year. 

This amazing chocolate has a soft texture, with very little 'snap' unlike most dark chocolate with 65% cacoa solids.  That's because it has black sesames seeds and sweet red miso paste within the chocolate blend, which both naturally soften the texture.  It then has caramel shards, the seaweed and Tasman sea salt which add a little bit of grit to the texture and stop it from being sickly sweet. 

We snapped up some of this very limited edition batch and still have a couple we are savouring and adding into our vegan & gluten free Hands Off - It's Mine Chocolate box.  

So for those of you who like to experiment and spoil your tastebuds with something different, shop now to try chocolate with seaweed.  Use the ‘gift’ option at the checkout to tell me you fancy some and I'll curate your order to suit. 

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