The Chai Room Saffron, Cardammon and Rose blend with chocolate from Cocoa Rhapsody. All made in Australia and available through The Dessert Plate

The Chai Room

Posted by Kylie Suich

The Chai Room brings the culture and taste of India to Australia through their hand blended Chai.

Fatema Khanbhai is the owner and has created an amazing range of blends including Original Masala and Ginger Masala, then modern blends using Australian native ingredients such as Roasted Wattleseed & Carob Spiced Chai and a Lemon Myrtle Native Chai.

The Chai Room is all about creating healthy, fragrant and re-energising chai tea for people to enjoy, take a moment for themselves and share with those they love. We feature their Chai blends through our Chai and Chocolate tasting sessions and we have a range of Chai & Chocolate Tasting Boxes.

[Their range is vegan and gluten free]

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