The joys of a Negroni Cocktail

The joys of a Negroni Cocktail

Posted by Kylie Suich

As with most cocktails, there are versions of their origin.

The Negroni Cocktail is one of the most well know gin based cocktails, but do you know it's history?

The Negroni is reported to have been invented at Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy in 1919.  Apparently, Count Camillo Negroni asked his friend and bartender Forsco Scarselli, to strengthen his favourite cocktail (the Americano) by replacing the soda water with gin. Scarselli also added an orange garnish, rather than the lemon you’d usually get with an Americano & as they say the rest is history. 

The Negroni family took advantage of the cocktail’s success, founding the Negroni Distillery in 1919, in Treviso, Italy, where they produced a ready-made version of the drink, sold as Antico Negroni. 

If you haven't enjoyed one yet, the Negroni is a bitter gin based cocktail but the vermouth and orange garnish add enough fruity sweetness to balance it out. Most people find it tastes like liquorice root, however the gin gives a classic juniper tang, notes of lemon and coriander seed.

As with all cocktails, the original recipe has been tweaked over the years.  With some many boutique gin distilleries in Australia, many have their own Negroni Gin blend. 

Working with Anther Spirits Distilleries, has introduced me to their Mandarin, Cherry and Chocolate Negroni mixes. And of course they are great to pair with a range of chocolates that reflect the dominant fruit flavour. Or for something a bit more contrasting, try raspberries that have a touch of lemon; or really great quality chocolate coated licorice bullets.   

You can indulge yourself and experiment at home with the Mandarin Negroni G & T Chocolate Box  This tasting box includes chocolates with an orange or mandarin citrus base and also candied citrus peel to pair with the Anther's Mandarin Negroni mix, so you get a complementary tasting.  



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