This Summer try a fresh zesty Apple Martini Mocktail

This Summer try a fresh zesty Apple Martini Mocktail

Posted by Kylie Suich

Summer is when we need fresh, zesty refreshing drinks to enjoy.

This Apple Martini Mocktail is easy to make, especially if you have some of the basic mixers always to hand.   Make sure you use the best possible Apple Juice you can afford that is low in added sugar, as it will make a big difference. 


  • 60 mls premium apple juice

  • 30 mls of a sour mix.   This can be a mix of fresh lime/lemon juice and pre made quality cordials to suit how salty/sweet you like your Mocktails.   Or you can heat up sugar and fresh juices, with some water till they thicken and you have a syrup as salty/sweet as you like

  • Green apple slice, for garnish (remember to rub with lemon after cutting, to stop it from turning brown).  You can serve this with Green or Red Apples, whatever is seasonally fresh local to you

  • One cup of ice blitzed into small pieces to fit into a Margarita glass 
  • Cinnamon sugar, for optional rim (To make cinnamon sugar, mix 1 part ground cinnamon and 2 parts white sugar until a uniform color)
Tweak it a bit, if you want a super cool drink.  Make the mix and freeze it as ice cubes and then add those to a a touch of Apple Juice with a dash of Soda Water for some bubbles. Serve with the apple slices still & check for sweetness, it may need a slice of fresh lemon or lime in the drink. 

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