Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

Posted by Kylie Suich

Modern day Turkish Delight is traced back to confectioner Haci Bekir Effendi, who created this treat in 1777 when he moved from northern Turkey to present-day Istanbul which was then the capital and business centr eof the Ottoman Empire.  He opened a business to sell sweets, swapping out flour from the recipe he already knew to use cornstarch as the binding ingredient.  This gave the sweet a more chewy texture and his family is still making the treat now which is known as Lokum in Turkey. 

Turkish Delight is traditionally made with Rose water as the key flavour, which you either like or you hate! However Orange Blossom water with a bright citrus flavour is also common; and depending on what recipe you use it might be dusted in simple icing sugar or spices to add extra flavor & of course it may have nuts, usually pistachio. 

I have found some recipes for you to try.  Read them a couple of times in advance as the measurements are not all metric and need to be converted.  Also have everything to hand so you can try this for the first time without getting stressed. 

This first recipe is for Vegan Turkish Delight  (lots of other recipes use gelatin which is meat based). Or if you don’t like rose water  try making this Pistachio and Orange Blossom Turkish Delight.

And if you love the traditional Rose Water flavour of Turkish Delight, then you might want to try other recipes inspired by this sweet.  Experienced bakers will be able to swap out the Rose water for Orange Blossom water and matching fruits. 

Want to try something different - then purchase our Turkish Bazaar chocolate tasting box, for a range of treats inspired by this dessert.  

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