Honeycomb topped with dark chocolate, pistachio and rose petals from Two Little Tarts. Made in Australia and available through The Dessert Plate

Two Little Tarts

Posted by Kylie Suich

Two Little Tarts is all about high end confectionery.

Odette Squillace the ‘main tart’ is a Pastry Chef with an amazing talent of being able to handle a 150 degree boiling sugar syrup that she whips into honeycomb.

Divine alone - or combined with couverture chocolate, nuts, fruits and the occasional rose petal it is fabulous. The Two Little Tarts range also includes an award winning caramel popcorn, a chocolate coated popcorn with a touch of salt, a deluxe rocky road range and chocolate barks.

They also have a nude honeycomb, that is vegan and that is available with seasonal fruit and berry toppings along with a dark chocolate topping. 

[Their range is gluten free and some is vegan friendly]

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