Vegan Meringues

Vegan Meringues

Posted by Kylie Suich

Vegan meringues - not possible you say. Yes possible we say.

OK lets get serious for a tick, it is really hard to make traditional desserts for you vegan buddies that rely on egg whites being whipped to a frenzy. So along came a clever bunny who liked houmous and had spare time to discover what you could use the translucent starchy ‘water’ that chickpeas live in within their tins.

Technically called aquafaba, that ‘water’ it is a thick liquid that results from soaking or cooking legumes, such as chickpeas, in water for an extended period of time. Most people cheat and use the fluid that comes with tinned legumes as it saves on a lot of cooking time - but does mean you end up eating a lot of dips or stockpiling vegie stews.

So the clever bunny discovered that when you whip the fluid it creates a foam - this is called aquafaba - and it traps air, giving items structure at the same time it delivers a fluffy crumb and lift in a similar way as beaten egg whites do. Beginners alert - it takes a while to learn how to whip the fluid so you get a similar result to egg whites, so don’t try this recipe for the first time on the afternoon of your vegan dinner party! This link has some handy tips on getting started with aquafaba.

OK - we are not the create recipe queens, we are the research recipe queens - and here are some sites you can check out for meringues and others that rely on egg whites.  This first one has the fab pic of vegan meringues we have used for this blog. This site has a lot of vegan desserts, you need to email yourself the recipe. We like it as it honours the original chef/cook and makes cookbook suggestions. For example the meringue recipe & our feature pic came from Mildreds Vegan Cookbook. You’ve read the link - yes this one is for a vegan mousse & they have other vegan and allergen friendly dessert recipes. has lots of dessert recipes including chocolate chip soda bread, but also covers off making butter, aiolo, mayo & cheese alternatives.


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