About Us

We curate indulgent experiences and unique tasting adventures for your delight. 

Our perfect combination of artisan chocolates and treats are an out of the box experience.

The Dessert Plate speciality is pairing the perfect combination of artisan chocolates and treats for an out of the box experience.

We specialise in working with Australian artisan Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs and love introducing them to you through our curated Chocolate Tasting Boxes. We also offer a wide range of tasting boxes pairing Chocolate with Chai, Cold Brew Coffee, Gin, Rum, Wine or Whisky.

At our Social Events you get to taste amazing desserts, chocolates and gourmet treats - and learn more about the artisan makers. We host events at public venues, your work place or home - live and virtually.

We often co-host events, including: in person and virtual Chocolate and Spirit tastings with Tanya Hanouch at Wolfe & Molone in Bentleigh, Melbourne; virtual Chai and Chocolate tastings with Fatema Khanbhai from The Chai Room; and in person and virtual Chocolate and Wine tastings with Jenny Polack, the Wine Whitch.

So who are we?

The main foodie is Kylie Suich. A chocoholic who used to own a dessert business making decadent chocolate fudge and chocolate truffles.

Kylie has a passion for all things chocolate, desserts and artisan foods made in Australia. The way she learnt to cook as a child taught her to experiment with flavours and unusual pairings, which is reflected in how she curates the tastings for events. She’s using the Dessert Plate as an excuse for constant taste testing and to meet more and more talented artisan chocolatiers and confectionary makers.

Then every food business needs a brains trust and The Dessert Plate is lucky enough to have a highly skilled team working behind the scenes.

We needed a Chef who loves to experiment with desserts, so are very lucky to have the Great Dane of food, Lasse Povlsen a very talented Michelin Chef. He has the tough job of assisting Kylie with taste testing. He also creates amazing desserts for our in person private and corporate event bookings.

While Gio Ostacchini is our IT guru who stops Kylie from going crazy at FB and Shopify! Luckily for the team she has self control and doesn’t just taste test. Staying behind the scenes - so no pic to share.   

Our truly delicious photos across the site and social media, have been styled and shot by Georgia Rovacsek.  Georgia joined the team as part of the August 2021 brand refresh and during the Melbourne shutdown 6.5, she perfectly captured the vision of the team to deliver amazing experiences for our customers. 

For in house events, we are blessed to work with Tanya Hanouch, Sommelier and Owner of Wolfe & Molone in Bentleigh, Melbourne & her sister Mon who makes amazing Mocktails. A great Bar and Restaurant, we co-host many an event with Tanya and our meetings to decide on which chocolates to pair with spirits for our public, private and corporate events are tough to handle. Not!

For out of house events and popping up at venues across Melbourne, we are also blessed to work with Jenny Polack for Chocolate and Wine Tasting events. Whether you are a beginner to wine or an expert who wants to hone their skills, Jenny loves instilling in her ‘new to wine’ students confidence in their abilities as well as extending the knowledge of wine experts.

Jenny has impressive qualifications (OIV Master of Science in Wine Management, Associate Diploma of Wine Marketing from University of Adelaide and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Diploma) and according to Tanya (and others) one of the best palates in Australia. During her 30+ years working in the wine industry, she is particularly proud of being awarded the Winner of the WCA Best Wine Educator in 2016 and was a finalist in 2019 and 2015 as well as being included in Jeni Port’s seminal book: “Women in Wine”.

During the 2020 pandemic lockdown we started working with Fatema Khanbhai from The Chai Room to deliver virtual tasting sessions, pairing classic and modern Chai blends with artisan Chocolate. Together we have also curated some Chai and Chocolate Tasting Boxes.  

The great thing about the people within ‘the team’ is we are all super passionate about food and introducing quality fresh tastes to our guests and customers.

Get in touch if you want a personalised gift.

My speciality is pairing the perfect combination of artisan chocolates and treats for an out of the box experience. so I love curating
a gift to suit a budget, someone’s favourite flavours.