The Artisan Dessert Makers

We have an every growing list of artisan dessert makers we know and love.

We add details about the makers and a little about their products as we include them within our curated dessert boxes and feature their desserts at social events. We love them all so to show no favourites, we list them in alpha order by their business name.

Audley & Hall, is an artisan chocolate maker based in Port Fairy, VIC. With an expert Pastry Chef, they aim to provide world class chocolates and desserts (for dine in at their shop). Their aim is to deliver a unique and enjoyable experience to each and every one of their customers. We stock only part of their chocolate block range, in particular their fun kid friendly bars like Smarty Pants, Malt and Candy Pop as they have a super smooth chocolate base with fun toppings. [Part of their range is vegan friendly]

Birdsnake, is a new bean to bar chocolate company established in 2018 based in Fairfield, Melbourne. The folk behind the scenes aren’t new to food though, they have fifteen years experience importing coffee beans and have an appreciation for flavour and quality. They roast cacao seeds they have sourced directly from the growers in Latin America, then process them into chocolate in house as opposed to sourcing pre made cocoa liquor from overseas. This in house roasting and conching process means they have control over the flavour of their bars, while the 100% control over sourcing the cacao seeds (or beans) ensures they use a quality product with the farmer being paid the correct price. [Their main range is vegan friendly and gluten free]  

Coco Chocolate, is a Sydney company with the talented Rebecca Knight as the Creative Director. Rebecca was born in Sydney, then went to Europe to train as a chocolatier where she spent time in France which influences her creative style now she is back home. As with most artisan chocolatiers, they have an amazing range which includes their Secret Garden series, a wide range of flavoured bars and truffles. We stock their smaller bars that have unusual flavours and are great for spirit pairings; and we have some of their sugar free chocolate range. [Part of their range is vegan friendly]

Cocoa Rhapsody craft deluxe smooth chocolates using a variety of cacao beans that are conched in small batches. Floyd is the chocolatier and along with his wife Patricia, they have extensively grown their chocolate range since opening in 2004. Floyd still loves the texture, the taste & how chocolate combines with flavours. [Their range includes vegan friendly & vegan chocolates, most is gluten free]

Crackle is another Melbourne based artisan business, with Katherine at the helm making a modern caramel popcorn in small batches with all natural ingredients. We stock a couple: Rosemary Caramel, Gingerbread Caramel & also their Vegan caramel popcorn as it’s the best we’ve had.[Their range is all gluten free & they have one vegan option]

Dark City Foundry Coffee established by Anita Brodrian offer a unique Cold drip coffee range.  It is produced by slowly percolating chilled filtered water through freshly ground coffee over many hours. It’s thought that a version of cold drip coffee originated with Dutch sailors in the 17th century.     Perfect with chocolate of course and with the Barbados Rum we stock from JimmyRum. 

Green Whisk is all about perfect biscotti baked fresh each week by Desi.  Growing up in a Greek family meant baking was an essential part of every Easter, Christmas or family occassion, to share amongst family and friends and that's what she know does with Green Whisk. With a commitment to hand baked + delicious, it is a great range of biscotti perfect for adding into our curated tasting boxes. 

Jala Jala are a 100% owned indigenous company, that make very delicious chocolate celebrating native ingredients. Founded by Sharon Brindley who is a Yamatji/Noongar woman, who grew up on Bunurong / Boon Wurrung country (the Mornington Peninsula).  Sharon likes “... incorporate Indigenous ingredients into everyday cooking and showcase to the world the incredible qualities of native plants through delicious treats.”   The Jala Jala chocolate range have subtle flavours, that pair beautifully with many of the blends from The Chai room.  

JimmyRum  is the first dedicated craft rum distillery in Victoria. They have a mission to show you what rum can be with our Australian crafted distinctive and delicious rums that are diverse, unique and exciting. Perfect in our curated tasting boxes with chocolate and the Dark City Foundry Coffee. 

Kelly’s Candy Co, established in 1981 is a family owned business based in Brisbane. They make by hand, using traditional confectionery techniques and Australian ingredients whenever possible. We like their modern take on classic sweets - and as they come in a grab bag, they are great for the movies, a picnic or sharing with friends. [Their range includes some gluten free products]

Manuko is another Melbourne based business, specialising in creating organic raw choc treats that foster a sustainable world, a healthy life and an amazingly delicious experience. The founder Matthew Hardie moved out of the corporate world to follow his passion to deliver healthy, sustainable and delicious organic food that is not boring and is readily accessible. At the moment, Manuko products are not available for retail sale - so we include them at our social events whenever possible.[Their range is vegan and some is gluten free]

Meltdown Artisan, is based in Sydney, with Jenifer Lo at the helm making an amazing range of chocolate that is a long way from the traditional European bar. We love her flavour combos that pop with freshness in your mouth, like her Cherry, Coconut & Raspberry - or her Yuzu and Lychee block and have many in her very extensive range to pair really well with Gin. [We stock some of their vegan friendly range]

Monsieur Truffe opened in 2006 featuring truffles and a simple selection of bars, then started producing bean to bar chocolate. Their customers loved it and things took off, so they now have a fantastic range of regular flavours as well as limited editions blocks. Using organic ingredients, traditional practices blend with modern flavours and the uniqueness of their range is showcased by great label artwork & their hand wrapped finish. Their aim is to create a premium yet simple range with the best possible ingredients, while making their own packaging reinforces their emphasis on being hand-made wherever they can. [Their range includes vegan friendly and gluten free]

The Chai Room brings the culture and taste of India to Australia through their hand blended Chai. Fatema Khanbhai is the owner and has created an amazing range of blends including Original Masala and Ginger Masala, then modern blends using Australian native ingredients such as Roasted Wattleseed & Carob Spiced Chai and a Lemon Myrtle Native Chai. The Chai Room is all about creating healthy, fragrant and re-energising chai tea for people to enjoy, take a moment for themselves and share with those they love. We feature their Chai blends through our Chai and Chocolate tasting sessions and we have a special Chai & Chocolate Tasting Box.

Two Little Tarts is all about high end confectionery. Odette Squillace the ‘main tart’ is a Pastry Chef with an amazing talent of being able to handle a 150 deg boiling sugar syrup that she whips into honeycomb. Divine alone - or combined with couverture chocolate, nuts, fruits and the occasional rose petal it is fabulous. The Two Little Tarts range also includes an award winning caramel popcorn, a chocolate coated popcorn, a deluxe rocky road range and chocolate barks.[Their range is gluten free and some is vegan friendly]

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